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The Best Foods Rich in Protein
Foods rich in protein best help a person to provide the important dietary supplement to the body. Protein high foods will itself cover the required amount of protein one would need in a day.... read more

Benefits of Conusming Dark Chocolate
Chocolate has always been admired! If you opt for chocolate in every second treat then why don’t you switch to the healthy one. Next time you buy one try for a dark chocolate... read more






Kayan Egeli

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    When I was diagnosed with oesophagus cancer, a consultant at the hospital immediately organised a CT scan to get details and the stage of cancer. During the chemotherapy (for five years), monthly CT scans taken to report the progress of it. Occasionally MRI scans done to get more detailed information about my body. At the time I did not know the difference between the two scanning systems. Only one thing I remember is the nurse's voice from the loudspeaker:" Scanning will start please make it sure no unauthorised person in the chamber due to radiation".When I was told that I…
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    Didsbury Teas proudly announces a new herbal blend for "Anti-Aging" which is called "NEUF VISAGE".It is very important to understand and explore WHAT IS ANTI-AGEING?. We grew older in time INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY both. Possibility of turning the clock on ageing will depend on how we look after our body. INTERNALLY our body will protect its organs by the natural way which is producing WHITE CELLS also called NATURAL KILLERS to get rid of free radicals from our body. These hit squads will be supported by the T-CELLS to get rid of any harmful cells to our body. In course of…
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Events in my own life led me to search alternative medicine to relieve my health problems as traditional medication just wasn’t cutting it. I started looking into homeopathy following a cataract operation in March 2009. Around this time I started getting hiccups on a regular basis. 

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