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Herbs are not only used for their medicational properties but also they have been the source of for many things we use in our daily life (food, shelter, clothing, medicine, etc.)

Records show that the Chinese were using Herbal Blends 2000 years ago. It was based on the concept of YIN (cooling), Yang (stimulating), and Qi energy. Indians also claim that they were the first tribes used Herbal Medicine which was called AYURVEDIC Modern Western Herbalism was born to emphasize the effects of herbs on individual body systems. Traditional three great systems of herbal medicines can be summarised as  Chinese Medicine, East Indian Ayuverdic Medicine, and Western Herbal Medicine. 

Chines and Ayuvurdic's philosophy of herbal medication is based on blending several herbs together is to create something that does not exist in nature. Each health problem may require a different formula for its treatment requiring more than one plant to provide necessary assistance to the patient. Diagnosing a patient's problem and finding a formula for the plants to heal is the herbalist's main aim and duty.  

TRADITIONAL CHINESE method relies on 5 element system with their approach to Qi energy which is the result of Yin(cooling), Yang(warming) based on the Law of Polar opposites.YIN herbs are supports organs of  Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Lungs, and Heart., YANG herbs stimulate circulation. Five elements are EARTH (good for organs Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen, etc.,)(plants are a light color and sweet taste herbs.METAL :(Energy of receiving and letting)(used for intestine and lungs)(white clour and pungent taste )WATER (Kidneys and Bladders) WOOD (Liver, Gallbladder)  (color green, sour taste juices), FIRE (Heart, Small Intestines)(Clour red and bitter taste herbs representing summer).

TRADITIONAL AYURVEDIC is based on the same principles of five elements, in this case, five elements  EARTH (includes hard substances, bones, muscles, etc.,) (sweet and strong taste), WATER(body fluids, blood, lymph, intestines)(sweet but salty taste blends), FIRE (digestive and circulation organs)(pungent, sour, salty tastes), AIR ( breathing organs, lungs)(bitter, pungent, astringent taste), ETHER (represent spaces in the body, sockets with bodily substances)(herbs with a bitter taste). Ayurvedic methodology five elements combine to three which is called DOSHAs namely (EARTH+WATER),(AIR+ETHER), and taking the FIRE element alone.

MODERN WESTERN HERBALISM  Historically, western herbal technology started with Greek teachings of HIPPOCRATES who lived in (470-370BC) and regarded as " father of medicine".According to his theories, pain arose when one of the body elements was a deficit or excess part of the body isolated instead of being integrated. His definition of the elements was:  YELLOW BILE "FIRE" (hot and dry in nature liver associated with it, summer )., BLACK BILE  represent  " EARTH" element (dry and cold in nature from spleen, autumn).,PHLEGM represent " WATER " (cold and moist, winter).,BLOOD represents " AIR " (hot in moist, spring). Present Western Herbalism does not represent ancient Mediterranean philosophies.17th/18th centuries western medical technology downplayed Chinese and Ayuverdic systems and more directed itself with chemically produced substances used for treatment. They still used those plants used by earlier traditions. Medicine manufactured today contains  25%  PLANT(herbs) , rest 75% are PETROCHEMICALS causing lots of side effects to the patients.

TERMS used "heating" and "cooling" describe a herb's effect on the overall metabolism of the body's well as a particular organ. Another important area for classifying herbs to their moisturizing or drying effects as the human body compromised of at least 80% fluid.

This information supplied to provide some history to enlighten the background  to present herbal technology progress today. Traditional techniques are still applied with modern machinery to produce the required formula.

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