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On comparisons between Covid-19 and Cancer

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In this article I shall examine the comparisons between the present Covid-19 pandemic and Cancer.

In general both illnesses have many similarities but there are also marked differences. There is no medication for Coronavirus, hence if you have it some people will die and some will survive depending on age, your body’s strength and a number of perhaps unknown factors at this point in time. Statistics show that the death rate is around 10%. If we check people dying from Cancer this percentage will be much more, however, statistics of cancer deaths have never been disclosed in the way that Covid-19 deaths are being reported on a daily basis.

Covid-19 is a contagious virus. Because of that people are on lockdown. Cancer is not contagious of course, but it still creates isolation as many people with the disease are simply too ill to cope, yet how many of us offer help and support in the same way that we have to vulnerable people shielding during the pandemic? It is certainly true that Cancer has never been treated with the same sensitivity as Covid-19, and we have never to my knowledge clapped for the cancer nurses and doctors who do a marvellous job of treating and supporting cancer patients all year round. 

Many cancer types are not curable either (e.g. advanced stage brain and pancreatic cancer). The medical science may claim they have found a cure but it is not established, even in cases of breast cancer. For both illnesses medical science lacks tangible solutions and money is needed for research now more than ever, yet sadly I fear that money earmarked for cancer research may have been diverted into the pandemic drive to find an accurate test and vaccine. Now that's not to say that finding a vaccine isn't important, but it cannot be at the expense of cancer research which will remain a killer for many years past the Covid-19 crisis. 

Cancer patients have been de-prioritised, their treatments and operations cancelled, NHS beds no longer available.  Do we know how many cancer or other ill patients died at home because of cancelled operations and a lack of treatments? Let alone those people who haven't been to see a doctor to get a lump checked out or get a routine smear test - in time the effect could be devastating for many individuals. The fact is that the pandemic caused panic and Governments and Medical Scientists across the world were ill equipped to deal with it, despite repeated warning from experts that eventually a pandemic on a global scale would cause so many deaths. The cost of this inadequacy and lack of forward planning is human lives, not just of those people directly affected by the disease, and this is a very expensive cost indeed. 

Understanding how such a pandemic happened through contact tracing is as important as it is for cancer; there are many underlying cases for both diseases and prevention will always be better than cure. Medical Scientists tell us that they are working very hard to find a vaccination for Covid-19 which will of course have major financial benefits for powerful pharmaceutical companies worth billion of dollars. Yet, is Western Medicine even necessary to combat the disease? 

I had Coronavirus when the lockdown first started. It began with a dry cough lasting a day. The following day I had a temperature and by day three I had terrible muscle aches. As far as I was concerned it was the same symptoms I get every year with a cold. I used my same recipe: a mixture of Garlic, Ginger and Hot Chilli Pepper tea. The result: I was clear of symptoms by day 4.

The plants I used are used in daily life, mainly, for cooking. In this case because of their anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant nature the medication worked very fast. Centuries earlier our ancestors had similar solutions to this kind of contagious disease. Herbology has certainly saved lives throughout history and continues to do so today, even when there is no known medical cure. Perhaps Western medicine doesn't have the answer for everything. 

Saying that, did you know that herbs are an essential ingredient in many Western pharmaceutical medications with a ratio of 25% herbal plants to 75% petrochemicals? Big pharmaceutical companies do not use 100% herbal blends for their medicine because of patent problems. You cannot patent natural plants for your own financial gain. Yet petrochemicals cause side effects and whilst they may solve a health problem they can equally cause another one.

From my experience in catching and warding off contagious viruses, whether a cold, flu or Covid-19 (incidentally I am myself considered vulnerable due to my previous history of cancer), it is better to stick with one single formula which is why I have created my Flu/Cold tea blend, not only for Covid-19 but also for any similar virus having the same cold and flu symptoms. Why not give it a try. It could just be the answer you are looking for. 

Until next time.

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