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So, six week's on from the launch of Didsbury Teas...

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It has been nearly six weeks since the Didsbury Teas website has been launched. It’s time for an update following my history on my About page – which, if you have the time, you should read. It explains how and why I created my tea.

My story is based on the fight against the CANCER. The last decade had been a nightmare, not only in fighting cancer myself, but also in losing my son to the same disease.

When we hear and read stories in the media and on social media we realise what a diverse experience cancer is. However, it has commonality in that each type of cancer creates suffering, anxiety and pain, not only to the sufferer but also to relatives and friends. There are no age boundaries as it may happen to babies, pensioners or very young and dynamic men or women. Each case brings various horror stories to the people whose dealing with it. They might be losing hair, feeling very weak, staying in bed all day, vomiting, have nausea or depression. Many patients suffer in silence.
Medication used for curing each individual case may improve the health of the patient in the long run but will also bring side effects whether during chemotherapy or radiation or afterwards including numbness in the hands and feet, dizziness, hardening of the muscles and heart flutters. That was exactly why I had the find a solution following my own chemotherapy treatment. Homeopathy and Herbology were two alternative systems to bring comfort.

Herbal Blend teas are not classed as medication. They work by supporting the body’s own natural immune system to fight disease. If you are a patient at your clinic and undergoing therapy, you should check with your Doctor before using them, but on the whole they are natural and safe and this is key, because your body is already being pumped full of chemicals and countering the effects with more chemicals will compound the effects. Natural remedies have been used for centuries for many, many illness and trust me, I am the proof – they do work!

I had side effects from chemo for 5 years. I was told by the Consultant that there were no cures for my side effects caused as a result of permanent nerve damage as the nerves cannot not renew themselves. However, I have done just that through my own nerve repair tea and I am delighted to report that one of my first clients who has type one diabetes is also reporting significant benefits in terms of repairing her nerves and reducing numbness and pain in her hands and feet.

When I launched my website my web designer, Tracey (Arctic Bee) suggested developing a women’s range of teas. She informed me that interstitial cystitis which is different from bacterial cystitis and has no known cure, is extremely painful and affects so many women yet medical science have no way of treating this debilitating condition. She also recommended looking into PMS, Menopause and Morning Sickness tea and so I set about researching and have now created the perfect blends to boost women’s hormones at critical times in their lives and reduce inflammation and therefore the pain caused by cystitis.

In addition I have developed a flu and cold range and a migraine range for sufferers of chronic migraines – again a condition that medical science has little answers for.

Why not check out the shop on our website and try it for yourself.

Didsbury Teas will bring comfort to your lives.

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Events in my own life led me to search alternative medicine to relieve my health problems as traditional medication just wasn’t cutting it. I started looking into homeopathy following a cataract operation in March 2009. Around this time I started getting hiccups on a regular basis. 

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