Nerves can be damages by too much strain, a cut or too much pressue. In some case nerve damage is caused by toxins such as those used in chemotherapy or substance misuse. Alcoholics may damage nerves over a period of time and the results can cumulative and debilitating with pain, numbness and impaired movement.

Neuroregeneration refers to the regrowth or repair of nervous tissues and cells. Unfortunately, traditional medicine often focuses on releving the syptoms of nerve repair rather than offering solutions, particularly when the damage has been caused by medication itself. 

Our herbal nerve repair tea can help to boost regrowth and repair and taken twice daily over a period of several months you should see radical results with improved movement, feeling and less pain. Animals have long known the benefits of herbs and plants in the healing process and as human beings we are just starting to resicover the magical properties of natural remedies for repair and renewal. Use it in conjunction with a healthy diet and positive outlokk - you'll be surprised at the results.


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Events in my own life led me to search alternative medicine to relieve my health problems as traditional medication just wasn’t cutting it. I started looking into homeopathy following a cataract operation in March 2009. Around this time I started getting hiccups on a regular basis. 

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