Herbs have long been known for their magical healing properties and for easing the symptoms of many conditions for which traditional medicine has limited application. This includes conditions that affect the nerves and cause inflammation and pain in the body, sometimes with no known cause or cure.

Our range of herbs are sourced from around the world having been carefully selected for their healing properties and effectiveness at reducing pain, inflammation and boosting overall health. Our nerve repair tea, for example, can help promote recovery by healing the damage caused by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, substance misuse and long term health conditions such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Our women's rage includes teas that alleviates the symptoms associated with interstitial cystitis, PMS and morning sickness.

Best of all, being natural products our herbs are safe to use and free from toxins and chemicals meaning that combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can promote and maintain optimum health whilst reducing the symptoms of many health ailments.

Read about some of the health conditions our products can help with below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have a health condition that is not listed here - we are always open to researching and sourcing the best herbs and plants for your health condition and welcome suggestions for new products lines.


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Events in my own life led me to search alternative medicine to relieve my health problems as traditional medication just wasn’t cutting it. I started looking into homeopathy following a cataract operation in March 2009. Around this time I started getting hiccups on a regular basis. 

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