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BLOG  also includes a few articles regarding HERBAL PLANTs and their applications in cancer and neuro-related health problems. This has been a story of  " BIG C " taking over an ordinary citizen's life which changed him forever without realising it. History of NERVE REPAIR TEA  provides information for the realization of cancer and the effect of medical treatment on the human body. Mental and Physical effect on patience life. What is clear with BIG C is there is no AGE restrictions, no GENDER classification, no SOCIAL discrimination and  INTERESTs in your life, are important. NERVE REPAIR TEA  is prepared for anyone suffering from not only side effects of cancer treatment but also post effects of it. My experience based on the oesophagus cancer which created symptoms of Tingling at feet and hands/Shooting pains at the lower part of the body / Walking difficulties because of hardening of the muscles / Numbness at your toes fingers / Loss of balance because of the weakness of the muscles / Sleeping difficulties due to the pain.It took five years for medical science to diagnose and put a finger on the illness., named as PERIPHERAL NEURO THERAPY. Apparently,It is the same symptoms shared by the patience with diabetes and born with genetic faults.ANXIETY/STRESS Tea blend produced for relaxation of mind and good sleep at night. Being a cancer patient you are worried and stressed for your life. It is soothing and calming of this tea blend. If a patient going through chemotherapy and having an INTRAVENOUS injection (IV) [ Liquid medicine injected directly to your blood stream] part of treatment plus the tablets., the body becomes very weak loses its strength and one end up in bed for few days because of lack of energy. ENERGY TEA BLEND will help to store energy to cope with the side effects. During the treatment of Chemo/Radio or Immunotherapy patients will be advised to stay away from crowds, public places, and avoid catching any disease including flu and cold. COLD/FLU  tea blend prepared for that protection. I believe in three powerful function BODY(YOGA)&MIND(ENERGY) and SOUL(MEDITATION) needed to be blended to deal with the problems caused by the not only with daily problems of life but also people going through with any disease.HERBAL BLENDs (Adoptegens) products created to provide a harmony of these functions. I used herbal tea blends in my daily life to cope with my illness at the time. The path to HEALTH stands taking responsibility for our body, mind and soul. I needed to make changes to my life by working some healthy routines. They will synchronise the body for the treatment of cancer and prevent further damage to it. Didsbury Teas is a forward-thinking company with health and ecology in its heart. I would not launch a product if I would not be happy to use it myself. Every herbal tea blend presented come with an extensive guide covering everything from brewing tips to recipes to health benefits and their side effects. I like to share my experience with you. It is my wish to inspire and motivate your journey to a healthier lifestyle. I like to help you to overcome your physical and mental limitations. The message is HEALTH PROBLEMS will always be there. We will get them one way or another., just remember the alternative lifestyle is and natural health remedies are the solutions. It is my belief that optimum health and nutrition are fundamental reasons for reaching our best when we are down. New product ANTI-AGING herbal tea blend produced to boost our confidence in our body, It is providing additional strength and power to Didsbury Teas other healing recipes. Our mission to supply customers not only with natural health products but also with the finest organic tea blends. They are BEST QUALITY at the AFFORDABLE prices. Didsbury Tea's commitment is to provide the best service and generate the best results for customers health. Post your experiences in our web site or media (Facebook/Twitter etc.,)Raise questions and express your views in health particular.WELLCOME to Didsbury Tea's world of HEALTH BENEFITS.



Kayan Egeli

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    CBD  CANNABIS has been utilised historically for pain relief for many years back. It is stated that Queen Victoria used CBD oil to treat her cramps during her periods. The actual benefits of CBD oil came to practise after the 1980s. Medical studies show that CBD can be an answer to anxiety, nausea and pain relief. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the sixty compounds found in cannabis.CBD oil used for medical purposes is not the NATURAL HEMP generally used for THC and marijuana smoking. These are the compounds that make the user high.CBD compound is mixed with other oils (such…
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  • "BIG C" SURGERY/Near Dead Experience (NED)
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    It had been five months since I had started chemotherapy treatment to prepare me for the surgery. Initially, it was very difficult to come to terms with it. I had not been in the hospital for treatment for any illness. When the date arrived first I panicked, secondly very stressed and eventually I had to accept that I have to get on with it. I put a very brave face on for the family, not to worry them. I had no idea how an oesophagus operation is performed. My surgeon only mentioned that "It is a difficult operation and prefers heart…
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Events in my own life led me to search alternative medicine to relieve my health problems as traditional medication just wasn’t cutting it. I started looking into homeopathy following a cataract operation in March 2009. Around this time I started getting hiccups on a regular basis. 

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